damn it! now i can’t stop picturing agent may as mulan and ward as gen chang! damn it all! i dont even ship mayward! kill me now!

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imagine the amount of times brett and ming na would have laughed doing the post mayward sex scenes omgmgkjnhihojl

omg aosasodsaskdasapodl

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I have more otps than life ambitions

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Backstage in Seattle

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Eva Green at the 67th Cannes Film Festival, May 17, 2014

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Get out the car!!”

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What if after Bonnie thanks Damon for staying behind for her on the island and bringing her back to life and all that shit…and Damon gets this serious face and is like “Well…I owed you.”

And then he has a little smile on his face because he told her that at the Founders Day parade and then it takes her a little qwhile to figure out what he means but then she sMILES BACK?


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